Side Effects of Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia affects the normal appearance of male breasts, causing them to swell and exhibit a female-like appearance. It is usually a result of hormone imbalance, or as a side effect of certain prescription drugs or medical treatment. The side effects are limited to the breast area, but they can have a substantial effect on the patient.

Here are the three most common side effects of this male breast tissue disorder:

  1. Breast enlargement β€“ In men, breast tissue normally remains underdeveloped, therefore a flat breast appearance. Normal hormonal fluctuations, however, cause both young and adult men to experience temporary enlargement, which can occur in either one or both breasts. There could be an uneven look in the breast tissue as well. Up to 65 percent of middle-aged and elderly men are estimated to experience similar gynecomastia side effect due to both hormones and use of prescription medications.

    Excess fatty tissue, on the other hand, is not considered a true cause of gynecomastia. It’s mainly a hormonal shift that leads breast tissue to grow. In pubertal boys, gynecomastia is only temporary, but in adult men it can last up to two years. Better talk to your doctor for the best treatment plan and for side effects that abnormally persist.
  2. Tender nipples β€“ Breast tissue swells and expands in gynecomastia, so certain patients can get nipple tenderness as a side effect. There could be a small mass or lump beneath the nipple, and there could be a mild aching or painful sensations at the affected area if a doctor presses his hand into the enlarged breast tissue. These are usually temporary, especially in young boys. If the tenderness gets progressively worse, it could be a sign of something far more serious, such as male breast cancer.
  3. Embarrassment or social discomfort β€“ There could be extreme embarrassment or self-consciousness among gynecomastia sufferers, because enlarged breasts are typically associated with female sexual development. There could be teasing among young boys, as well as shyness or avoidance of intimacy in adult men. If you are overwhelmed by embarrassment or self-consciousness, talk to your doctor to know the most appropriate step to take.

Losing man boobs can also mean taking the best male breast reduction supplement. Not everyone is keen on getting surgery or taking drugs, so supplementation could be the most viable step to banish gynecomastia effectively. Talk to your doctor, especially if you are taking any prescribed medication.

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